The Uttar Pradesh National Rural Health Mission (UPNRHM) is a initiative by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to improve the health and well-being of the rural population. The website,, is the official portal for UPNRHM for information about programs, initiatives, and achievements and more. 

The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 12th April 2005, with the purpose of providing effective healthcare to the rural population throughout the country. The mission offers equitable, affordable, and quality healthcare services to people’s needs.

Programs offered by the UPNRHM

These programs aim to address various health challenges faced by the people of Uttar Pradesh. They focus on prevention, treatment, and awareness to ensure the overall well-being of the community.

Routine Immunization (RI) Program:

  • Purpose: To protect children and pregnant women against certain diseases.
  • Activities: Regular vaccination sessions, monitoring, and training of health workers.
  • Benefits: Helps in reducing child mortality and morbidity.

Maternal Health Program:

  • Purpose: To ensure the well-being of mothers during and after pregnancy.
  • Activities: Antenatal care, safe delivery services, postnatal care, and family planning.
  • Benefits: Reduces maternal mortality and ensures the health of newborns.

Child Health Program:

  • Purpose: To ensure the health and well-being of children.
  • Activities: Newborn care, treatment of common childhood illnesses, and nutrition services.
  • Benefits: Reduces child mortality and ensures healthy growth and development.

Family Planning Program:

  • Purpose: To provide couples with safe and effective family planning methods.
  • Activities: Counseling, provision of contraceptives, and sterilization services.
  • Benefits: Helps couples plan their families and reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Adolescent Health Program:

  • Purpose: To address the health needs of adolescents.
  • Activities: Counseling, reproductive health education, and skill development.
  • Benefits: Ensures the well-being of adolescents and prepares them for adulthood.

National Urban Health Mission (NUHM):

  • Purpose: To address the health needs of the urban population.
  • Activities: Health camps, awareness programs, and treatment services in urban areas.
  • Benefits: Improves the health status of the urban population.

National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP):

  • Purpose: To control and prevent vector-borne diseases.
  • Activities: Surveillance, early detection, and treatment of diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.
  • Benefits: Reduces the spread and impact of vector-borne diseases.

National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP):

  • Purpose: To control and eliminate tuberculosis.
  • Activities: Detection, treatment, and monitoring of TB patients.
  • Benefits: Reduces the spread of TB and ensures timely treatment.

National Leprosy Eradication Program (NLEP):

  • Purpose: To eliminate leprosy.
  • Activities: Detection, treatment, and rehabilitation of leprosy patients.
  • Benefits: Reduces the spread of leprosy and supports affected individuals.

Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP):

  • Purpose: To monitor and control outbreaks of diseases.
  • Activities: Surveillance, data collection, and rapid response to outbreaks.
  • Benefits: Prevents large-scale outbreaks and ensures timely intervention.

Monitoring & Evaluation

UPNRHM has a robust mechanism for monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of its programs and interventions. Regular audits, reviews, and feedback mechanisms are in place to continuously improve the health services provided to the rural population.

NHM Initiatives @

Accredited Social Health Activist / ASHA

ASHA is a health worker from a village. She helps people understand health better. ASHA is a woman from the village, aged between 25-45. She should have studied up to class eight, but if no one is available with this education, it’s okay. The village and some officials choose her. She gets training to do her job well.

ASHA teaches good health habits to people. She gives basic health care and tells people when they should go to a hospital. She helps women and kids a lot, like with vaccines and health during pregnancy. ASHA also tells people about health services they can use. She has some basic medicines and things people might need.

For her work, ASHA gets some rewards. She gets help and support from groups in the village and other health workers. She has important health items that the village might need. ASHA’s main job is to make her village healthier. She helps people get the health care they need and gives advice on eating well, staying clean, and staying healthy.

Family planning program

New couples are given information about family planning. They also get a “Shagun kit” as a gift. This kit has beauty products, forms for registering their marriage, and notes about family planning.

Contact Details:

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  • Phone: 0522-2237593, 2237383
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Official Website:

Feedback & Grievance:

  • For any feedback or grievance, you can write to the above email address.